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Mahogany Creek Home Loan - Refinancing clients to a Lower Interest Rate

Mahogany Creek Home Loan


Hello, my name is Nathan and welcome to my Mahogany Creek Home Loan web page. I specialise in refinancing clients to a Lower Interest Rate that potentially can save you thousands in Bank Interest and years off your Home Loan term.

To contact me directly, simply visit my Contact Us page that has my email and phone number.

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Mahogany Creek is only 9.6kms from my home office in Parkerville, which makes it easy for me to meet with you after hours, when it is more convenient to discuss your Home Loan options.

Mahogany Creek Home Loan – Suburb

According to the 2011 Census there were only 304 Occupied Dwellings in Mahogany Creek detailed on REIWA’s website:

Mahogany Creek is a delightful suburb with many beautiful properties that lies between John Forrest & Kalamunda National Parks.

From a Home Loan Lender’s perspective, Mahogany Creek is classified as Metropolitan, meaning it is within 50kms of a capital city, Perth. But every lender will have their own criteria regarding your property before accepting it as security against a Home Loan.

Mahogany Creek Home Loan – Criteria

Before you can obtain a Mahogany Creek Home Loan the lender will conduct a Valuation on your property, not only to see what it is approximately worth but also to check to see if it meets their Property Criteria.

My preferred Lender’s criteria for properties in Mahogany Creek are:

  • Land usage is Residential or Rural Residential
  • A livable established dwelling is constructed on the land
  • The land is less than 10 hectares (24 acres)
  • Town power & water are connected to the property (understanding that some properties in the Perth Hills area are not connected to town water, instead they use a bore or rely on rain water, these properties will be assessed on a case by case basis)

If you property complies with the above criteria you may qualify for a Mahogany Creek Home Loan.

Mahogany Creek Home Loan – Serviceability

After the Lender has checked to see if your property complies with their criteria and they are satisfied they now want to make sure you can afford the Home Loan, which they call ‘Serviceability’, meaning:

  • Do you earn enough income to afford the Home Loan that you are applying for?
  • Can you also afford your existing debts, like Credit Cards, Car/Personal Loans etc.?
  • Lastly, can you manage the above and your ongoing Living Expenses?

As you can imagine everyone’s living expenses is different, which is why an online calculator is never going to be able to ascertain how much you can or cannot borrow. The only way you can find this out is by sitting down with a professional Mortgage Broker and go through this together.

Mahogany Creek Home Loan – Summary

If you currently have a Home Loan attached to your Mahogany Creek property and are looking to refinance to a Lower Interest Rate and your Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) is less than 80% I can beat ANZ, The Commonwealth Bank, NAB & Westpac’s variable interest rate.

Getting a lower interest rate is the first step that will enable you to repay your Home Loan fast, but there are some simple tips and ticks that the Bank’s won’t teach you that ensures your money is working in your favour – not the Banks!

If you are interested in getting in touch, please visit my Contact Us page where you can call or email me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes for now.


Nathan Daniell
Simplify Your Mortgage Pty Ltd
Australian Credit License Number: 387974

P.S. I really appreciate your time in visiting my Mahogany Creek Home Loan website, I hope the information provide has been useful.