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Mortgage Broker Parkerville


Hello, my name is Nathan your local Mortgage Broker Parkerville. I specialise in refinancing my clients to a Lower Interest Rate which is the first step in becoming financially free. Better still, I will teach you how to have your money working in your favour – not the Banks!

Any Mortgage Broker can get you a Home Loan but I will teach you how to get rid of one – fast!

Mortgage Broker Parkerville – History

I have been a Mortgage Broker since October 2005 and my wife, Steph and I moved to Parkerville in July 2014, loving the tree change.

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The Perth Hills over the next 20 years will transform into a real envious location compared to Perth metropolis, so long as we can get good internet speeds that will allow local people to work from home with a reliable fast connection.

The future is bright for Parkerville and I look forward to being a part of it helping the locals to obtain suitable finance that will assist you to achieve your goals.

Mortgage Broker Parkerville – Home Loan

There are only really 2 types of property loans you can obtain through a Mortgage Broker:

  1. Refinance your property (Home, Investment or Vacant Land) or
  2. Purchase a property (Home, Investment or Vacant Land)

As a Mortgage Broker, my niche is to assist clients who already have an established property and are looking to refinance their Home Loan.

Mortgage Broker Parkerville – Refinance

There are only 2 reasons why you may want to refinance your Home Loan:

  1. Refinance your Home Loan to obtain a Lower Interest Rate, more flexible loan product and/or seeking a better service
  2. Refinance your Home Loan to access Equity

But why would you want to access Equity? Again, this can be split into 2 main categories:

  1. Refinance your Home Loan to access Equity for ‘Personal’ use, for example:
    • Debt Consolidation – pay off your Credit Card, Car/Personal Loan or other financial debts
    • Buy a new car, renovate your home or take a holiday
  2. Refinance your Home Loan to access Equity for ‘Investment’ use, for example:
    • Property Deposit – obtaining funds that are used to assist you to buy an Investment Property or buy a new Home to live whilst you then rent out your current home
    • Invest the Funds – you use the equity to purchase Shares, a Managed Portfolio or another income generating investment product
Mortgage Broker Parkerville – Specialist

As a Mortgage Broker I specialise in assisting my clients refinance their Home Loan to a Lower Interest Rate and to get your money working in your favour – not the Banks. I then teach my clients a few tips and tricks the Banks don’t want you to know to ensure that you can repay your Home Loan debt fast. When the time is right, this may include adding an Investment Property to your portfolio.

I cannot give legal, financial or accounting advice and I highly recommend that you seek professional assistance in these areas to ensure that you are making an educated decision. And after seeking this advice I can then assist you to obtain the specific finance you require.

I have completed and passed an advanced Investment Property study course and I have bought and sold and hold multiple properties since 1994. This experience I can bring to the discussions will ensure that you can avoid the mistakes I have made over the years and have your loans structured correctly for today and into your future.

If you are a ‘mum & dad’ investor, meaning you have your own home and are looking to buy your first or second investment property I can definitely assist you to obtain finance that is suitable for your circumstances. If you think this is you, simply go to my Contact Us page and you can contact me directly on my mobile or email.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes for now.


Nathan Daniell
Simplify Your Mortgage Pty Ltd
Australian Credit License Number: 387974

P.S. I really appreciate your time in visiting my Mortgage Broker Parkerville website, which I hope you have found to be informative.