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Hello, my name is Nathan and welcome to my Mortgage Broker Perth Hills website. I specialise in refinancing clients in the Perth Hills to a Lower Interest Rate that can potentially save them thousands in Bank Interest (Bank Profits) and years of your Home Loan term, hopefully to have your Home Loan paid out in full before you retire.

To see if I can assist and to see if you qualify for my Mortgage Broker Perth Hills Variable Rate Home Loan, you can click through to my Contact Us page that has my direct mobile phone number and email address.

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Although I have clients all over Western Australia, since moving to the Perth Hills in July 2014, I have progressively tried to help as many households within 20 kms of my home office, located in Parkerville WA.

Mortgage Broker Perth Hills – Preferred Suburbs

My Mortgage Broker Perth Hills Home Loan includes a few special discounts due to the fact that I save time, fuel and money by not having to travel more than 20 kms from my home office, so if I can save some money, then I can afford to pass on these savings to you. The suburbs in the Perth Hills that fall into my catchment area are:

The number of Occupied Dwellings is from the 2011 Census detailed on REIWA’s website. If you click on the above link, you can see if there has been an update to your suburb details.

There are a total of 8,254 Occupied Dwellings in the Perth Hills suburbs detailed above, of which some will be paid off in full, some have an existing Home Loan as I type and others are being purchased. If a third have a Home Loan attached to their properties, then there are about 2,751 potential households that may be able to benefit from using a Mortgage Broker from the Perth Hills to find a lower Interest Rate that could potentially save you thousands in Bank Profits!

Mortgage Broker Perth Hills – Home Loan

Out of the 2,751 occupied dwellings in the Perth Hills that have a Home Loan maybe only half of these are Home Loans compared to Investment Loans, meaning they are Owner Occupied, instead of being rented. Therefore, there are about 1,375 dwellings in the Perth Hills suburbs detailed above that are Owner Occupied.

If you are one of these Owner Occupiers and have a Home Loan with ANZ, CBA, NAB or WBC (Westpac) and your Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) is less than 80%. LVR is just a fancy name that describes a loan that is 20% less than the value of your property, for example:

  • If your property in the Perth Hills was worth $540,000 less 20% = $432,000

Therefore if you loan is less than or equal to $432,000 (as in the example above) you would be able to attract a lower interest rates from the majority of Home Loan lenders. If you property met certain criteria, at a guess I could beat the banks best variable home loan interest rates.

Mortgage Broker Perth Hills – Property Criteria

All lenders need to make sure you can afford the debt you are applying for but what a lot of clients don’t realise is that Banks are also fussy when it comes to your property characteristics to make sure it is a sound security for the loan they are going to allow you to have. My preferred lender’s property criteria consists of:

  • Maximum 2 livable buildings per Title
  • Less than 10 Hectares (24 Acres)
  • Connected to Town Power Supply
  • Connected to Town Water Supply
    • As a Mortgage Broker who is located in the Perth Hills, my own property is connected to a bore and rain water
    • Lender’s will assess these properties on a case by case basis
    • If you live in one of the suburbs above, the fact that you are within 50 kms of Perth City and surrounding properties are not connected to the Town Water Supply would more times than not have your property assessed favourably
  • Land usage classification is Residential or Rural Residential
  • Your property is NOT being used for Commercial purposes, meaning your property is NOT generating you main source of income
    • Hobby Farms are okay, so long as the income you are using to service for the Home Loan you are applying for is not derived from commercial activities on your property
    • There is a major difference between Commercial Interest Rates and Residential Interest Rates
  • There is an established livable dwelling on the land that is in good condition
    • Vacant Land and Construction Loans have different lending criteria not covered in this web page
    • If you are seeking a Vacant Land or Construction Loan I can put you in touch with my specialised business partners who can assist.

I am an established residential investment and home loan specialist but my business partners can assist if you are seeking a Commercial loan.

Mortgage Broker Perth Hills – Summary

If your property complies with the above property criteria and your suburb falls within my catchment area and you have an Owner Occupied Home Loan and want a Lower Interest Rate then I may be your Perth Hills Mortgage Broker to assist with your finances.

Banks treat you with contempt seeing as the Big 4 Banks, ANZ, CBA, NAB & WBC control at least 80% of all Home Loans in Australia and they all think they are too big to fail, combined with the fact that their staff are working on behalf of their shareholders (their employers), then the recommended products, their interest rates and the service they provide, in my opinion is sub-standard.

I have seen first hand, my father in retirement, after working for one of these big institutions for 40 years be knocked back in his finance application. He was not told why and he felt crushed to think after committing his life, 40 years of his live, dedicated to this institution. And why didn’t he use my services at the time? He was that loyal, he loved dealing with his ‘Personal Banker’, he had this unwavering trust, which I encouraged because it made him happy. After he was knocked back I offered my services. I knew why he was knocked back and I knew how to reapply to ensure that he could obtain the finances he required.

I reapplied with the same lender but told my father to cut up his second Credit Card, which he did and finance was obtained, without a fuss…

If you are dealing with a Bank, the Branch Manager is only there because they are not good enough to be allocated to a high net worth portfolio to look after. You heard correctly, the Branch Manager in the Big 4 Banks are NOT the best Home Loan Officers in these institutions, in fact they are most probably some of the least experienced. These Branch Managers and Loan Officers are all on incentives linked to product and dollar figure targets, which means you may be sold a specific product that meets the Bank employees targets, instead of working in your interests.

There is a major conflict of interest when you deal directly with the banks because they work on behalf of the shareholders, their employers. These shareholders expect their dividends to go up every year, which means the Banks have to push their staff harder and harder to ensure the Bank makes more and more profits. And when the Big 4 Banks have more than 80% share of all home loans in Australia they can increase your Interest Rates, knowing that the majority of customers don’t leave because of false ideas that the Banks are ‘safe’, safer than smaller banks and what you may be forgetting is that you owe the Bank money, not the other way around. If you maintain your Home Loan repayments, it is you who can refinance to another lender, it is not until you start defaulting that a Bank will force you to sell your home.

If you have ever changed mobile phone carriers, moved to a different health insurer or shifted to a different car insurance company, then you can do the same with your Home Loan. If I can save you thousands in Home Loan repayments then why wouldn’t you change Lenders? For example:

  • Home Loan debt is $500,000
  • I can get you a 0.75% discount
  • Over 30 years you could potentially save $79,618 in Bank Interest (Bank Profits)

To see if you qualify for my Mortgage Broker Perth Hills service, you can simply click through to my Contact Us page that details my direct mobile phone number and email address.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best wishes


Nathan Daniell
Simplify Your Mortgage Pty Ltd
Australian Credit License Number: 387974

P.S. Thank you for taking the time to read through my Mortgage Broker Perth Hills webpage, I hope it has allowed you to be more informed regarding your finance options.