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Mundaring Home Loan - Refinance to a Lower Interest Rate

Mundaring Home Loan


Hello, my name is Nathan and welcome to my Mundaring Home Loan web page. I specialise in assisting Mundaring residents refinance their Mundaring Home Loan to a lower Interest Rate with the goal of saving you thousands in Home Loan repayments, which may assist you to repay your home loan faster than what was previously achievable.

My home office is 10.9kms away from Mundaring, where I commonly frequent when visiting the main Mundaring shopping center. To get in touch you can click on my Contact Us page and you will have my direct details.

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I conduct the majority of my physical or phone appointments @ 7pm Monday to Thursday, so I am available after you have finished work, after you have fed the kids, after you have had time to relax before we get together. Although I have a home office, I hold all of my first appointments at your home, in case if any additional documents are required, they are at your finger tips.

Mundaring Home Loan – Property Characteristics

Every Bank will have their own property criteria and so too does my preferred lender, which are:

Mundaring Home Loan Property Requirements:

  • Connected to town power and water (understanding Mundaring properties I realise some may be attached to a bore or rain water, which these properties will be assessed on a case by case basis)
  • Less than 10 hectares (24 acres)
  • Land is classified as Residential or Rural Residential
  • Property is not used to generate an income that is used to service the Mundaring Home Loan
    • The reason for this is, if it is generating an income it is classified as a business loan (Commercial Loan) instead of a standard Residential Home Loan

If your property fits into the above criteria and the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) is less than 80% I can beat ANZ, The Commonwealth Bank, NAB & Westpac’s variable home loan (owner occupier) interest rate.

Mundaring Home Loan – Maximum Loan Amount

If you are interested in refinancing your Mundaring Home Loan the maximum LVR is 88% with the Lender’s Risk Fee or Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI) added on top to a maximum of 90%.

Your Mundaring Home Loan minimum is $50,000 with a Mundaring Home Loan Maximum of $1,000,000. For loan amounts up to $2,000,000 they will assessed on a case by case basis depending on how strong your ability is to repay the Home Loan.

To work out your Loan to Value Ratio you need to:

  • Mundaring Home Loan Amount of $520,000 divided by your Mundaring Home Value of $760,000 times by 100 = 69.74%

And if you can keep your Mundaring Home Loan less than 80% like in the example above you will avoid paying any LMI.

Mundaring Home Loan – Suburb Stats

There are 1,240 Occupied Dwellings as per the 2011 Census detailed on REIWA’s website:

With more and more people interested in moving to the Perth Hills, I can only envisage the surrounding suburbs growing over the foreseeable future bringing with them more work, more services and more people, which may see an upward pressure on property prices.

If you have a Mundaring Home Loan and want to see if you can get a lower interest rate, a more flexible Home Loan product and want a better service, why not get in touch to see if I can assist.

Mundaring Home Loan – Summary

If you want to potentially save thousands in Home Loan repayments, then a 5 minute phone call is all it takes to find out. I will be able to assess your overall position to see if you qualify for a Mundaring Home Loan interest rate that may see you save thousands per year in Bank Interest, which in turn may assist you to repay your Mundaring Home Loan off sooner rather than later.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested.

Best wishes for now.


Nathan Daniell
Simplify Your Mortgage Pty Ltd
Australian Credit License Number: 387974

P.S. I really appreciate your time in visiting my website Mundaring Home Loan and I hope you have obtained the information you require.