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Parkerville WA Home Loans

Parkerville WA Home Loans

Hello and welcome to my Parkerville WA Home Loans web page.

My wife and I recently moved to Parkerville to enjoy the serenity of the hills lifestyle and really loving it even though it has added an extra hour on my travel time whenever I visit my existing clients who are all based closer to Perth.

For Parkerville residents and the surrounding suburbs like Stoneville, Mundaring, Gidgegannup, Glen Forrest & Mahogany Creek I want to deliver some exclusive home loan products that have never been seen before in the Perth Hills.

Obviously it is in my interest to have clients nearer to where I live, to save on my travel time, so the products and interest rates available will better than those typically found at ANZ, Westpac, Commonwealth and NAB.

Parkerville WA Home Loans – Features

My most popular home loan product I have to offer comes with:

  • $0 Monthly Fee
  • $0 Annual Fee
  • $0 Early Repayment Fee
  • $0 Lump Sum Payment Fee
  • $0 Broker Clawback Fee
  • $0 Internal Transfer Fee
  • $0 External Transfer Fee
  • $0 Online Transaction Fee
  • $0 Lender Application Fee (limited time)
  • $0 Valuation Fee (limited time)
  • $0 Settlement Fee (limited time)
  • $0 Solicitor Document Preparation Fee (limited time)
  • $0 Title Insurance Fee (limited time)
  • $0 Loan Structure Set Up Fee
  • Free 100% Offset Account
  • Free Ongoing Support
  • Discounted Interest Rates that is lower than ANZ, Westpac, Commonwealth & NAB

As you can see my Parkerville WA Home Loans are packed with features and when combined with my unique debt reduction loan structure you will be one step closer to enjoying a truly financially free retirement.

Parkerville WA Home Loans – Benefits

When you have access to a flexible, fully featured home loan product, combined with my 10 years experience of being a Mortgage Broker, you will be on your way to having your money working in your favour – not the banks!

Banks are in business to make profits for their shareholders, to pay their CEO’s multi-million dollar salaries and to cover their costs of their branch networks including staff wages, incentives and bonuses. And we have all see what happens when staff at these big institutions are driven by incentives and bonus income. The mum and dad investors are losing their life savings after been given bad advice.

I do NOT give financial advice, I do not sell Credit Cards and I do not push Mortgage Insurance like banks staff do. (Mortgage Insurance covers the banks interest, not yours… It doesn’t cover your bills or day to day expenses and yet it is one of the most expensive insurances to have).

I am a Mortgage Broker who specialises in Home Loans and Investment Property Loans secured against residential established properties. I am accredited to give Mortgage Advice, which favours you, the client, not the banks.

If I can teach you how to get your home loan working in your favour, saving you years off your home loan term and thousands in bank interest, then I have done my job. This is why, unlike many Bank Loan Officers and some Mortgage Brokers, after your loan settles my ongoing support makes all the difference. There is nothing worse when your loan settles and you are left scratching your head wondering, what do I do now? How to I make my repayments? How much do I have to pay into what loan account to get my money working for me?

My after settlement service covers ALL of your concerns. I will give you clear guidance to ensure you understand how your Home Loan works.

Parkerville WA Home Loans – Credit Criteria

Some Bank Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers will take on every client, which is a noble idea, but my preference is to be an absolute specialist in a niche market segment, so my credit criteria is more strict than others. My serviceability (definition: can you afford the home or investment loan as if the interest rates were 2.5% higher than the actual interest rate received, your ongoing debts and your day yo day living expenses without financial hardship?) This is why some lenders allow you to borrow more than other lenders, it all depends on the way they apply their serviceability calculations.

I teach all of my clients how to reduce their home loan debt quickly, which will save them thousands in Bank Interest but to ensure success, and without you having to live off bread and water, I need to make sure you can afford it and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

By having a strict credit criteria ensures that I only take on board clients who will get the maximum benefits from what I have to offer. Unfortunately this means I cannot assist everyone. I also limit the amount of new clients per year because if I just accepted everyone, my workload would see my service levels drop because I would be too busy.

Some of my credit criteria parameters are:

  • Established residential home or investment property loans only
    • I do NOT do construction, vacant land or commercial loans
  • Maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) of 90% including Lender’s Mortgage Insurance
    • Personally I believe having a loan that is greater than 90% LVR is dangerous, what is LVR?
      • The loan amount divided by the property value times by 100 gives you the LVR percentage, for example:
      • $400,000 home loan divided by $500,000 property value times by 100 = 80% Loan to Value Ratio
    • If you do not have a 20% deposit to buy a property or 20% equity within your home when refinancing you will have to pay Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI). So what is LMI?
      • LMI covers the bank – not you! If you default on your home or investment loan the bank has the right to sell your home to recoup the money they lent. If the bank makes a loss, they claim this loss through the Lender’s Mortgage Insurance company and wait for it… the Lender’s Mortgage Insurance company has the right to chase you for the loss! Moral of the story, do not over commit, keep your maximum LVR under 90% and make sure you can afford your loan repayments and some extra to get ahead of your loan to ensure if a worse case scenario occurs, you can ride out the downturn without losing your property.
      • LMI can be capitalised on top of your loan amount, so the usual scenario is:
      • You want to buy a $500,000 property and you have a 12% deposit plus all the other fees and charges like Stamp Duty and Settlement Agent Fees etc. $500,000 times by 12% = $60,000 therefore you apply for a loan amount of $440,000 but because you do not have a 20% deposit you have to pay LMI, which in this case will be in the vicinity of $10,000, which when capitalised means it is added onto your loan amount. So your final loan amount is $440,000 + LMI of $10,000 = $450,000. $450,000 divided by $500,000 times by 100 = 90% LVR.
    • So if my maximum LVR is 90% including Lender’s Mortgage Insurance, roughly equates to you needing a minimum of a 12% deposit if buying plus the other fees and charges to complete the purchase or a minimum of 12% equity in your property before you can use my services to refinance.
  • For PAYG earners, you must be in your current job for 6 months and have been in the same industry for 12 months
    • PAYG is where your employer takes out your tax and pays into your Super before paying your your Net Wage.
    • The same industry criteria is somewhat flexible, the main thing I am looking for is a continuity of your skill set, so for example:
      • If you held an office job for 3 years but then decided you wanted to be a truck driver, the chances that you may not like being a truck driver are high. The skills used in your office job do not relate to being a truck driver, so the risk of leaving the new industry, potentially affecting your income that may cause you to default is outside of my credit criteria.
  • For Self Employed earners, you must have 2 years worth of financials
    • Financials means:
      • Business Tax Returns
      • Business Financial Statements (Profit & Loss, Assets & Liabilities etc.)
      • Personal Tax Returns
      • ATO Notice of Assessment
      • And if your 2nd year financials are much lower (greater than 10% lower) than your first year, essentially meaning your business is going backwards, the chances of obtaining finance lessens.
  • Must be an Australian Permanent Resident
  • Must have a Clear Credit File
  • Must be up to date on all financial debts

As you can see I have a rather strict credit criteria but there are major benefits to being able to comply with these rules, in particular you will receive a lower interest rate if you have a clear credit file. If you have a 20% deposit or equity you will receive a lower interest rate. If you have 2 years worth of financials you will receive a lower interest rate.

If you feel that you fit the above criteria, the get in touch. Simply visit my Contact Us page and send me a quick email.

Parkerville WA Home Loans – Summary

Thanks for taking the time to look over my web page. As you can see I may not be for everyone but for those who I can assist I look forward to hearing from you soon.

As a new local to the Parkerville region I am excited to meet with like minded locals and I hope my experience and expertise regarding home and investment loans will see you prosper financially.

My first appointment is at my expense. I do not sell debt reduction schemes, nor will you be seduced into signing any binding contract. Our appointment will purely be an exchange of ideas and information so that you will be in a better position to make a more informed decision. And that decision will always be at your discretion, it will always be your choice if you decide to use my services or not.

Feel free to get other Mortgage Brokers or Bank Loan Officers to your home to compare services and I have no doubt you will shocked with the additional information you will learn from speaking with me in comparison. In two hours I will teach you more about home loans, loan structures and how to get your money working in your favour than you have ever been taught before.

I will show you the tricks and tactics of the big banks who continue to deceive the Australian public. I will show you the difference between Principal & Interest Loans VS Interest Only Loans and which works better for your circumstances. And I will discuss how I use my Offset Account that saves me thousands in Bank Interest every year!

Best wishes for now and again, I hope to speak with you soon.


Nathan Daniell
Managing Director – Mortgage Originator/Broker
Established Residential Investment & Home Loan Specialist
Simplify Your Mortgage Pty Ltd
Australian Credit License number: 387974
M: 0413 615 913

Thank you for visiting my Parkerville WA Home Loans web page.


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